How to Mine the Multiple Listing Service For Hidden Real Estate Gold!

Multiple Listing Services (MLS) offer some of the best deals on the market, but many investors are not aware of this. In fact, experienced investors consider the MLS a waste of time so they never invest a few hours in filtering listings in their area. This stigma of the MLS has opened the door for novice investors to enter the market unseen, unheard, and profitable from others‘ mistakes. Their mistakes can divide the market by thousands of dollars if they’re not careful; do you want those profits in your pockets? If so, consider mining the MLS for details no one else is willing to search for.

Hidden deals on the MLS are in abundance! When you start to mine the MLS list for deals that other investors overlook, your income is going to increase significantly. As other investors sit and complain, you can gain the advantage with your implementation of specialized knowledge and software to hunt down the hidden bargains. Nothing can harbor bad feelings like losing a bargain property in a nice neighborhood.

The key to success in real estate investing is to be making MANY offers on MULTIPLE properties. If you are making offers, you will get deals! Make no risk offers by adding in a contingency. If you find there are problems evident in the property after your offer is accepted, you may cancel your offer and then go onto finding something else that meets your investing criteria.

Another important tip besides the price of a property, is to look at the motivation of the seller. A motivated seller is more apt to take the first offer that comes close to what he wants. So just start making offers. You can’t argue with this principle in anyway. You will never know what a seller will take if you never make an offer. So, in hopes of finding some amazing deals in your investment range make offers to motivated sellers with these keywords:

– Must sell now

– Military family

– Fast close wanted

– Foreclosures and REOs

– Third party owned

– Bank owned property

– Fixer upper

– needs a little work

– will work with buyer

– And many more that can make you money.

So, how will you make your offers in order to score the best deals? Some savvy investors have turned to software that does this for you by generating offers through email,fax, and text alerts, at the click of a button. This means a great deal of time-saving activities for real estate investors. You may even tap into some deals that hit the market under a closed eye. In fact, you can use specialized software to keep your alerted to deals when it comes to making offers and money off of a potential property.

Start using systems that you integrate into your business! With the help of an innovative search and offer generation software, you can start working less and making more money. If the Software is now available so you can be assured of success, why not use it for properties in your area. Imagine the possibilities surrounding the use of an automatic solution – save time, money, and efforts in making formal offers or even letter of intents proposals. One of the best ways to take your real estate business to new heights is to know how to find real estate bargains before everyone else.

MLS deals are there for the taking. If you want to make an earning working off those kinds of properties, you have to study the market in a strategic manner. That strategy can turn into a full-fledged business operation that will save you hundreds of thousands in real estate costs for your business. Motivated sellers. Enthusiastic offers. Focused motives. All of these ingredients will help you capitalize the use of offering top of the line solutions for motivated sellers.

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Source by Duncan Wierman

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